Hello guys, My name is Khemiri Ali, I am certified as: *an Elite Trainer *a sports therapist *a nutrition coach *a fitness trainer *a strength and conditioning coach. I have m ore than 15 years of experience in sports and treating people who have back and neck  pain. I have successfully treated many people in the past who were complaining from back and neck pain. I use therapeutic exercises to make strong the weak area or the affected part of your spine. I also use nutritional supplements to enhance mobility of your joints and to reduce the pain. The therapeutic program is  base on latest scientific researches and trials in sports and medicine. The therapeutic program is designed ,to make you strong and do your daily activies without pain and to keep you strong and healthy for the long term (and Not  just a temporary relief.
What causes and triggers back and neck pain?   There are many things that can cause back pain including: Bad mattress/ bad seat/ low or high pillow / not sitting upright when using a computer. lifting heavy objects before warming up or lifting objects with a wrong technique, or it can be a spinal injury.   Ladies and gentlemen, As we are in a continued pandemic situation  for a piece of mind,  and for your safety and my safety the treatment program will be through a video via zoom. we do an intial consultation through the video and then I will tell you about the therapeutic program which good for you. The therapeutic program is designed for (a distance treatment) and the quality of the treatment is the same as a face-to-face session or better. For more information please contact us.
Insurance and refunds:   Please note: I am not a physiotherapist or an osteopath  I am licensed at the monent as a sports coach I can,t guarantee you can get  back a refund of your session from your health insurance. I can issue a receipt and mention what the session is for, you can speak to your insurance company about what to mention on the receipt in order to get the refund from them.   How to pay for the session: The payment is online, you can pay for your session with your credit card or debit card before or after the session. For more information or if you have any questions you can email us or call us.   Array


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    *Certified Specialist in Exercise Therapy *Certified Personal Trainer with 15 years’ experience *Certified Specialist in Clinical Pilates DIPLOMAS AND QUALIFICATIONS from International Sport Sciences Association (ISSA), the first fitness organization in the U.S.A. Qualified in clinical Pilates from North American Seminars (Healthclick)

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