Disc treatment in Melbourne

While we all may have experienced back pain at some or other point in life, it cannot be ignored that there are chances of some serious underlying problem for this pain.

Our spinal disc can be the cause of frequent or prolonged back pain. Back or spine is the area of the body, which we often don’t care about much. If you disagree, ask the following questions to yourself for a better picture:

  • Do you mind your posture while standing, sitting or sleeping?
  • Do you monitor your weight or do any special exercises or stretching for the healthy back?
  • Do you follow prescribed techniques while elevating or descending?

Well, most of us don’t practice ergonomics and other measures and therefore, we often encounter back pain. If the cure for our pain is simple exercises and modification in diet, it is well and good. But, if you are facing spinal disc problems, you need to consult specialists and get the right treatment immediately.

What are different disc problems?

  • Injuries: Spinal disc can get affected due to injury, the risk of which increases with the age.
  • Lumbar herniated disc: When inner material, i.e. soft nucleus of the disc pushes through the tough outer membrane and after coming into contact with the nerve root causes pain. It is also known as bulging disk.
  • Degenerative Disc Disease: This happens due to loss of flexibility in the spine with aging, which can get worse if you are suffering from obesity or deficiency of collagen material. Poor posture and excessive strain on the spine also add to it.

What are the treatment methods?

There are different treatment methods, from which the consulting specialist chooses the one which is most suitable for you taking into consideration the factors such as:

  • Medical history
  • Age
  • Severity of the disease or injury

While OTC painkillers, medications, tubes and sprays can heal the pain in case of several patients, surgery might just become essential in case of some.

Physical Therapy Method:

In spite of the most complicated surgeries at the hands of renowned specialists in hospitals with world-class facilities, the importance of physical therapy cannot be underestimated in the case of back pain.

You can consult dedicated physiotherapists for bulging disc problem treatment in Melbourne. Physical therapy has proved to be effective for all types of back injuries and spinal disc issues. Physiotherapy comprises of various techniques such as ice and heat, massages, exercises and stretching and is an ideal method for long-term treatment. You can derive multiple benefits from these different types of treatment method available in Melbourne such as:

Physical therapy is also helpful for patients who have undergone surgery for going back to the state of normalcy.
We even cure sports injuries and help sports professionals to improve their health and ultimately their performance. If you are suffering from chronic back pain, our exercise therapy can cure you and increase the ease and comfort in carrying out your daily activities.