Physical Rehabilitation Center and Programs in Melbourne

Our body works on various systems and it requires continuous care to work optimally and stay healthy. More than often, it is perceived that a person can return to the state of normalcy after injury or treatment, without any additional efforts.

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And this thought applies to all kinds of treatment including surgery – the most extreme step of physical treatment.
But, our body certainly needs more as it has a complex structure and the pain of one area can affect related areas easily. Therefore, special care in the form of specialized rehabilitation programs is always advised.
Our physical rehabilitation center in Melbourne offers pre-operative and post-operative rehabilitation to the patients.

Our expert physiotherapists examine your medical history and present condition and design your physical rehabilitation program accordingly to ensure safe, quick and smooth recovery.

Pre-operative rehabilitation:

When patients require surgery, if we have the opportunity we offer pre-surgical rehabilitation. In the case of the right situations and conditions, pre-surgery physiotherapy can help to optimise the function of not just the area concerned, but also other areas of the body related to it.

In this situation, treatment helps to enhance post-surgery recovery and reduce the length of time spent on post-operative rehabilitation (which means the stage before progression can be made to a more active and functional rehabilitation program).

Early treatment is never wasted when attempting to encourage a conservative approach. Even if surgery is ultimately required, the recovery will still be benefitted as a result of intervening and strengthening in the early stages.

Aims of pre-operative rehabilitation:

  • Prepare you for surgery – physically and mentally
  • Alleviate pain
  • Optimise function of body areas related to the injury
  • Aid recovery

Post-operative rehabilitation:

Resuming the routine life after surgery is not easy as the body needs to retrieve the strength and mobility. And our Post-operative physiotherapy in Melbourne helps you to achieve this.

Aims of post-operative rehabilitation:

    • Pain relief
    • Reintroduction of mobilisation
    • Remove/reduce swelling
    • Restoring function & strength

The type of exercises and duration of the treatment depends on the individual condition of patients. At our treatment center, we monitor every patient’s progress regularly and modify the treatment plan if required.

With our physical rehabilitation program in Melbourne, we strive to give you the best treatment for your physical well-being so that you can live a healthy and zestful life.