Physio Pilates Clinic in Melbourne

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a modification by physiotherapists of traditional Pilates exercise techniques. The exercises are designed to train the body’s deep postural muscles (core) which provide stability, strength and control to the lower back, pelvic and hip joints, upper back, neck and shoulder regions.

The focus of the technique emphasizes efficiency and sub-maximal muscle control with the correct sequence of muscle firing playing a crucial role in rehabilitation.

Clinical Pilates involves an accurate diagnosis via a thorough assessment from our physiotherapists. This will establish clear goals targeting specific rehabilitation needs of each patient.

Using latest evidence based research, a variety of floor-based exercises and spring-resisted equipment (reformers, trapeze table, combo chair) are used to alleviate pain, rehabilitate injuries and optimise postural alignment and biomechanics.

The exercises can be adapted to mimic different sporting actions and thus allows sport specific conditioning to enhance performance. Clinical Pilates is applicable to a wide variety of conditions including:

  • Low back pain
  • Recurrent shoulder pain or injury
  • Neck or upper back pain
  • Lumbo-pelvic instability
  • Recurrent muscle, tendon or joint injuries
  • Headaches
  • Sports specific conditioning and performance enhancement
  • Rehabilitation following surgery

It is also a great complement to aid sports specific conditioning and performance programs and is beneficial to be included as part of the post-surgery rehabilitation.

Mat Physio Pilates Group Classes

Our group Pilates classes provide a general full body workout. The exercises are set in sequence toning, stretching and working the entire body with the focus on the body’s deep postural muscles. As you become stronger and more familiar with the exercises, the intensity and flow increases making the workouts more challenging

For athletes, particularly runners and triathletes, Physio Pilates mat classes can help improve the stability of joints such back, shoulder, hip & neck. Overall it helps to improve muscle function and control through correct muscle firing and is an ideal complement to other training routines.

Class structure

A maximum of three clients only are taken in each class enabling very close monitoring, correction and individual progression of each participant.

If you are new to our Pilates clinic in Melbourne, a physiotherapist will spend more time with you prior to starting the classes. This is a chargeable consultation and is required so that the physiotherapist can assess your body to determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie and address your specific imbalances during each class.

Pre-class consultation is not required if you are current healthyspine&care patient as your physiotherapist will discuss your needs with the Pilates clinician (who can also access your notes if required).