lumbar herniated disc treatment in Melbourne

If you are suffering from herniated disc and looking for information that helps you in its treatment, then you are on the correct way. This blog will help you to know the effective facts about lumbar herniated disc treatment.

When a herniated disc occurs?

A herniated disc happens when all or some portion of a disk is constrained through a weakened portion of the disk. This may put weight on adjacent nerves or the spinal cord. This results in severe pain!

What are the symptoms of lumbar herniated disc?

A herniated disc in the lower back can be a source of pain and numbness in the buttock and down the leg. This is called sciatica. Sciatica is the most well-known indication of a herniated disc in the low back.

In some cases a specialist will do tests, for example, an MRI or a CT scan to affirm a herniated disc or discover other medical issues. And, if you want more effective herniated disc treatment option in Melbourne than contact Healthy Spine and Care, as their most graded and functional exercise therapy in Melbourne help you to recover faster!

What are the facts about herniated disc?

  • Herniated Discs are not all painful in a characteristic way
  • Most of the herniated disc are not symptomatic
  • A bulging disc might be as painful as a herniated disc
  • Surgery or non-surgical spinal decompression is required to rectify a herniated disc
  • Much of the time, surgery really offers poor remedial outcomes for a herniated disc
  • Herniated Disks do not get worse with time, however, the disc ends up with degenerative disc sickness.
  • Most herniated discs won’t resolve all alone. The pain may occur due to posture and structural compensation.
  • Herniated disc can’t be determined with an X-ray. You require an MRI
  • It does not always occur due to injury
  • Herniated disc can happen on account of a spinal rotational decompensation occurs due to a pelvis misalignment
  • Medicinal treatment is not necessary for most herniated disc
  • Many disc pain conditions are misdiagnosed

Can a lumbar herniated disc be prevented?

If you want to prevent lumbar herniated disc and keep your back healthy you should try these nonsurgical remedies:

  • Heat or ice, work out, and different strides at home to help with pain and make your back more grounded.
  • Physical therapy treatment offered by Healthy Spine and Care includes a combination of treatments to decrease pain and increase flexibility.
  • Medication not always cures herniated disc as it may reduce inflammation and pain. Also, it allows you to begin an exercise therapy.

Where can you get the efficient lumbar herniated disc treatment in Melbourne?

You can get it from “Healthy Spine and Care” which helps you to improve your quality of life by making you stronger, healthier and able to live life to the full. Our Exercise therapist uses exercise as a treatment to improve your health and fitness. With the help of mobile physiology therapists and exercise therapy in Melbourne, you can easily get your treatment options.


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