The physiotherapy exercise is an excellent therapeutic tool to address multiple pathologies, especially in cases of chronic pain or diseases that tend to recur frequently. The increasing number of scientific research in this field supports multiple benefits; it has adequate exercise prescription as part of treatment with increasing scientific evidence.

The benefits of physiotherapy occur at many levels: physiological, neurological and functional.

1. Eliminates inflammation

It has been proved that performing physical exercise regularly reduces the production of C-reactive protein and other inflammatory markers such as cytokines that are usually secreted when our body experience pain. Exercise produces some short – term inflammation but reduces ache symptoms for long term. This relationship with inflammatory improvement seems to be linked with lower risk of coronary heart disease in linkage to physical exercise.
In the same line, a regular diagfragmática respiratory work (10 minutes a day) can reduce environmental acidification in the body by lowering the concentration of CO2, which would create a less “pro-inflammatory” environment.

2.Reduce strain from body and mind

Best physiotherapy treatment in Melbourne counteracts the peripheral vasoconstriction and eliminates stress, depression, and fatigue from the body.
Our brain is capable of activating neural pathways that release analgesic substances (opioids, serotonin, and endorphins); physiotherapy blocks pain stimuli arriving from our joints, muscles or other structures to the spinal.

3.Neural Benefits

Physiotherapy gradually provides relief from pain and help to recover the functionality. Despite the pain, it also improves the reorganization of cerebral cortex and reverses awareness resulting in active and ache free body.
Conducting exercises implicit patient’s activity way in the recovery process, this act on the cognitive components like behavioral pain. Positive reinforcement during the execution of the exercise and patient improvement functionally support their adherence to treatment.

4.Eliminates chronic pains

Best physiotherapy treatment in Melbourne provides many benefits when determining the changes that occur with manual treatment and recovery of function, fixing, and deleting erroneous movement patterns. The body recognizes and integrates its new range of motion, corrects its bad posture and improves the habits of protection against pain and no longer exposed to behaviors that can cause more pain and injuries to other parts of the body.
Situations of chronic pain can cause sensitization in the central nervous system, changing the threshold of pain and areas of representation of the body parts. Exercise can reverse these changes.

5.Functional Benefits

Physical therapy also eliminates some causes of pain and prevents recurrences. In case of chronic back pain, active therapy is the one that has been proven as the most effective medium with long term effects, reducing the recurrence of pain and chronicity. In this situation, the muscles most appropriate to maintain the stability of the area (multifidus ,transversus abdominis , pelvic floor) are inhibited, stop working properly and may become atrophied . Without a re-education program, they can be substituted by less efficient muscles.

Physical exercise is determining the most frequent consultations with physiotherapists: chronic low back pain, neck pain chronic, painful shoulder – impingement,chondropathy,and anklesprains.

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